The most comprehensive resource on medieval queens is on Theresa Earenfight’s blog. Theresa Earenfight is one of the most prolific scholars of medieval queenship. I highly recommend that you start your research on her site.


A wonderful source for medieval women’s letters and writings, including queens is on EPISTOLAEĀ 


One thought on “Studying Medieval Queens

  1. Going back to what someone had said in class about how Fulvia and Cleopatra are very similar, it came to my attention that both women tend to exert masculine qualities (Fulvia takes charge of Antony’s army & Cleopatra practically controls and is involved almost everything Antony does) and as a result of their involvement/control these women end up dying. Fulvia’s death allows for a possible reconciliation between Antony and Caesar and Cleopatra’s death (suicide) serves as retribution for the tension she created between Antony and the Octo. siblings (Octavia & Octavian).


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